The first step is already given!!...
Project of improvement of the infrastructure of the School "..." at El Pedregal Area.

Attached to our philosophy and business mission to make tourism an inclusive industry that benefits all people who directly and indirectly are involved in this activity, we have made an effort in this first year of operations to allocate a percentage of our income for the improvement of the infrastructure of the El Pedregal School.

This small rural school located near the northern entrance control to the Cotopaxi National Park, has about 35 students of all ages of primary education and 3 teachers who impart their knowledge with the children.

The "Pedregal" sector is one of the ways for tourists entering through the northern control to the Cotopaxi Park and for many it is a place of lodging and activities as there are several haciendas that offer their facilities to host the visitors around this area.

Our job is to make the local community part of this flow of tourists that visit this protected area and not just be a place of transit.

This is why the painting work carried out at the School is the beginning of a large project to help the community focused on improving its facilities and equipment and include families to participate in Ecotourism as an alternative activity to improve the economic income of people.

We have already taken this first big step, on Monday October 23, 2017, the donation of 66 gallons of paint was made by Ecotraveler Ecuador and thanks to the organization of the community a Minga was held where together, parents, authorities and collaborators of Ecotraveler Ecuador we work for the improvement of the School.
¿How are we going to achieve our goal?
... The first step is taken and we still have a long way to go. The big question is ¿How will we do it?
The improvement project of the School is based on the efficiency of our work, each year we will allocate a percentage of our income to finance the project of Improvement of the Infrastructure and Equipment of the Visual Audio classroom of the School "......."
Our job is to create unforgettable trips around Ecuador making our clients have the best experience of their life when contracting our services, with which part of this income is destined to our community projects achieving thus, being consistent with our business philosophy


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