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A GREAT WAY TO TRAVEL LEAVING A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT When planning a trip, we look within several options for places that meet the tastes and needs we have at that time, so if the purpose is to have a time to relax away from home, we focus on beach options, spa` s, mountain refuges, etc, if the purpose is adventure then of course they are the destinations that offer us adrenaline activities that go according to our experience and aptitude, if the reason for traveling is to enjoy wildlife or culture the same way the places that we look for will be those that offer us these experiences. To make the trip once the place has been chosen we prepare to go and investigate the weather in the place or region, the height at which we are going to be, the activities we are going to do, the type of food offered locally, the type local currency exchange, places to stay, the type of transportation and so many things that will tell us if that is the right place we want to go and that will make o