A GREAT WAY TO TRAVEL LEAVING A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT When planning a trip, we look within several options for places that meet the tastes and needs we have at that time, so if the purpose is to have a time to relax away from home, we focus on beach options, spa` s, mountain refuges, etc, if the purpose is adventure then of course they are the destinations that offer us adrenaline activities that go according to our experience and aptitude, if the reason for traveling is to enjoy wildlife or culture the same way the places that we look for will be those that offer us these experiences. To make the trip once the place has been chosen we prepare to go and investigate the weather in the place or region, the height at which we are going to be, the activities we are going to do, the type of food offered locally, the type local currency exchange, places to stay, the type of transportation and so many things that will tell us if that is the right place we want to go and that will make o


The first step is already given!!... Project of Improvement of the Infrastructure of the School "Ana Maria Velazco de Donoso" at El Pedregal Village. Attached to our philosophy and business mission to make tourism an inclusive industry that benefits all people who directly and indirectly are involved in this activity, we have made an effort in this first year of operations to allocate a percentage of our income for the improvement of the infrastructure of the El Pedregal School. This small rural school located near the northern entrance control to the Cotopaxi National Park, has about 35 students of all ages of primary education and 3 teachers who impart their knowledge with the children. The "Pedregal" area is one of the ways for tourists entering through the northern control to the Cotopaxi Park and for many it is a place of lodging and activities as there are several haciendas that offer their facilities to host the visitors around this ar


ECUADOR!!   A LIFE CHANGING DESTINATION Add caption Where is Ecuador?    Ecuador is a small country located on the north west side of South America in the Pacific Coast, with the size of the state of Nevada in United States, this country has a magnificent proposal for travelers that are looking for: amazing landscapes, different natural habitats, weather and ecosystems, spectacular variety of food and a rich culture. All this converts Ecuador in one of the most incredible places in earth!! What makes Ecuador Especial?  Add caption The geography of Ecuador is unique in the world. The territory is crossed by a range of mountains that goes along the country from north to south called "Andes" dividing the land and forming three different continental regions: the highlands up on the mountains, west from the Andes by the Pacific Ocean is the Coast Region, and on the East we can find the Amazon, each of them with its own climate and